Holiday in Antalya
Best Things to Do in Antalya
Holiday in Antalya

Best Things to Do in Antalya


Nestled along the picturesque Turkish Riviera, Antalya has captivated travelers for centuries, tracing back to the era when Pergamon monarchs passed their realm to the Romans.

Blessed with a meticulously conserved old town, poignant remnants of antiquity set against breathtaking vistas, gilded shores, and an abundance of sunshine nearly every day, Antalya is swiftly emerging as a coveted vacation haven.

Boasting lavish resorts, premier golfing greens, attractions suitable for all ages, a rich culinary landscape, and the warm embrace of Turkish hospitality, Antalya stands as an irresistible destination throughout the year.

After several glorious days exploring this enticing location on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, we’ve compiled all our favourite things to do in Antalya along with travel tips to help you get the most out of your visit.

Back in the 2nd Century BCE, the ambitious Pergamon monarchs embarked on the construction of a new city, laying the foundation for what is now the enchanting Old Town of Antalya. By 133 BCE, this gem fell under the sway of the Roman Empire, its strategic perch on the Mediterranean propelling it into a bustling hub of activity and commerce.
Today, while the earliest remnants in Antalya's old town harken back to its Roman past, subsequent waves of Muslim Turks and Ottomans have bestowed upon it a captivating tapestry of architectural influences.
Devoid of permanent residents, Kaleiçi, as it's locally known, exists solely to enchant visitors. Wandering through tight laneways, eating in converted mansions and shopping at local craft stalls are all wonderful things to do in Antalya.

The name for the old town of Antalya is Kaleici which means “inside walls” and the most remarkable part of the wall is the grand entrance of Hadrian’s Gate. Built during the 2nd Century CE, the gate was an ostentatious display to honour the Roman Emperor Hadrian who travelled to Antalya twice during his reign.  
Although there have been additions to the original construction, such as the towers which were added during the 13th century, the gate remains remarkably intact.
Comprising of two colonaded facades stretching over 3 arches it is considered one of the most beautiful from the Roman Empire. Don’t miss the heavily eroded wagon tracks in the stone path which started taking shape almost 2,000 years ago.

Standing as a testament to Antalya's rich historical layers, the Kesik Minare Mosque is an iconic landmark within the old town. Its origins trace back to the 2nd Century CE when it served as a Roman temple, later transformed into a Byzantine church during the 7th century.

In the early 13th century, the Ottomans repurposed it into a mosque, adorning it with a distinctive minaret. However, tragedy struck in 1800 when a fire ravaged the main structure, leaving behind the solitary minaret that earned the mosque its enduring moniker, the "Broken Minaret Mosque."
Efforts to restore this architectural gem commenced in 2018 and concluded successfully in 2021, yet the evocative nickname persists, a reminder of its storied past.
Nearby, the Clock Tower is currently undergoing restoration and is closed to the public.

Dominating the skyline of Antalya stands the magnificent Yivli Minare Mosque, translating to the "Fluted Minaret Mosque." Its origins trace back to 1230 CE when it was erected upon the remnants of a dilapidated church that once occupied the same grounds.

Within its prayer hall, six majestic domes are supported by a series of twelve columns. However, it's the striking design of the fluted minaret, a distinctive feature visible from afar, that truly captivates the attention of visitors to Antalya.

So significant is the Yivli Minare Mosque that it graces the emblem of the local football team, serving as an enduring symbol of Antalya's identity. Recognizing its architectural uniqueness and cultural significance, UNESCO has honored this mosque with a place on its prestigious World Heritage List.

In Republic Square, just outside the gates of the Kaleici old town, stands the Statue of Ataturk.
The father of modern Turkey, Ataturk was an Ottoman Soldier who fought against the Europeans who were occupying areas of the country given to them by the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His victory secured the modern secular Republic of Turkey, which marks its 100-year anniversary in 2023.
Set high above the sea with grand views over the coastline and down to the harbour, Republic Square is a great place to visit in Antalya.

Formerly a bustling Roman port, facilitating trade across the vast Mediterranean expanse, the Old Harbour of Antalya now exudes a serene yet captivating aura. Encircled by the formidable remnants of ancient city walls, towering cliffs, and the gentle bobbing of boats upon the turquoise embrace of the waters, it offers a tranquil refuge for visitors seeking solace.

Numerous charming restaurants line its perimeter, providing idyllic settings for witnessing the breathtaking spectacle of a sunset painting the horizon with hues of gold and crimson. Meanwhile, local artisans display their crafts, adding a dash of vibrant color to the scene.

Nestled within this picturesque harbor lies the Iskele Mosque, the smallest mosque in Antalya, adding to the historical allure of the area. However, one of the prime motivations for venturing here is undoubtedly to embark on a boat tour, allowing visitors to explore the enchanting coastline and delve deeper into the maritime heritage of this ancient harbor.

Perched majestically along the Mediterranean shores, one of Antalya's premier attractions beckons: a scenic boat journey departing from the harbor.
While the pirate-themed ambiance of many vessels may seem disconnected from Antalya's historical narrative, it undeniably adds a captivating allure, enticing travelers aboard.

Alternatively, for those seeking a comprehensive Antalya experience, consider opting for the Antalya Tour package, which encompasses a guided city tour, an enchanting visit to Duden Waterfalls, and a mesmerizing 1-hour boat excursion past the magnificent Karpuzkaldiran Waterfall. Witness firsthand as its cascading waters gracefully tumble over cliffs, merging with the azure sea below—a sight to behold. 


The Hıdırlık Tower, located in Antalya's historic Kaleiçi district, is a cylindrical stone structure dating back to the Roman era, likely constructed around the 2nd century AD. While its original purpose remains debated, it is commonly believed to have served as a lighthouse due to its strategic position overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, though some historians suggest it might have functioned as a watchtower or defensive fortification. Over the centuries, the tower has become an iconic symbol of Antalya, representing its rich history and cultural heritage, and it continues to attract tourists who climb to its top for panoramic views of the city and the sea.

Today, the Hıdırlık Tower stands as a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into Antalya's past and providing stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape. Despite its age, the tower has undergone restoration and preservation efforts to maintain its structural integrity and ensure its continued significance as a historical landmark. As a symbol of Antalya's enduring legacy as a crossroads of civilizations, the Hıdırlık Tower stands tall, embodying the city's resilience and cultural heritage for generations to come.


Konyaaltı Beach is a renowned coastal destination located in Antalya, Turkey. Situated directly opposite the Archaeological Museum, it offers locals and tourists alike a scenic and relaxing retreat. Extending over 13 kilometers along the shoreline, it offers a stunning panorama stretching from the ancient city walls to the majestic Taurus Mountains, providing visitors with breathtaking views of both land and sea. With a blend of fine pebbles and sand, the beach creates an inviting atmosphere for sunbathing and swimming, attracting locals and tourists seeking relaxation and recreation alike.

Convenient amenities such as umbrellas, sun lounges, and free access to facilities like toilets, showers, and changing rooms at Beach Park enhance visitors' beach experience. Its close proximity to the city center makes Konyaaltı Beach easily accessible, serving as an ideal spot for unwinding after exploring Antalya's rich cultural and historical heritage. Whether indulging in water sports or simply soaking up the sun, Konyaaltı Beach offers a serene and scenic setting for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline.

Lara Beach, situated about 10 miles east of Antalya in Turkey, is renowned for its luxurious resorts and pristine coastline. This golden stretch of beach is adorned with soft, powdery sand and offers crystal-clear waters, boasting the highest quality water rating in Europe. As a popular destination for package holidays in Antalya, Lara Beach caters to travelers seeking upscale accommodations, fine dining, and a range of recreational activities. The beachfront is lined with high-end resorts, restaurants, and cafes, providing visitors with a luxurious and indulgent beach experience. With its idyllic setting and upscale amenities, Lara Beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication for discerning travelers seeking a premium seaside escape.

In contrast, Patara Beach offers a more tranquil and natural retreat along Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Located within a 12-mile-long National Park near Antalya, Patara Beach is renowned for its untouched beauty and serene ambiance. Surrounded by sand dunes and bordered by lush greenery, the beach stretches along a pristine coastline, offering unspoiled vistas of the sea and sky. Unlike the developed infrastructure of Lara Beach, Patara retains a sense of wildness and seclusion, with fewer facilities and crowds. Visitors to Patara can explore the nearby ancient ruins, including the impressive Patara archaeological site, adding a cultural dimension to their beach experience. With its untouched natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Patara Beach appeals to travelers seeking a peaceful and unspoiled seaside retreat amidst Turkey's Mediterranean splendor.

As one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world, the Antalya Aquarium is an unmissable attraction and the perfect thing to do if you encounter a rare rainy day on your Turkish holiday.
With 40 spaces each covering different aquatic themes, you’ll find a huge array of interesting creatures from the deep. It also boasts the world’s largest tunnel aquarium with a length of 130 metres and Wild Park, a tropic display featuring snakes, bugs and reptiles.
There’s a host of entertainment for the family including Snow World and daily shark feeding.